Hyperdominance Via The Psychology of Shortcuts

Makes sense, doesn't it?

Yes, it's for sale. Until it's sold,
let's use this to hyperdominance.
When one pursues hyperdominance,
it is logical to begin by securing the domain.
Thus do we come to www.hyperdominance.com
For the first time in the short history of the Internet,
one individual attains search engine hyperdominance.
What makes it both funny and wonderful is the prolificity.
Hyperdominance for a keyword or keyphrase is terrific.
Hyperdominance for so many hundreds is unimaginable.
Because the World Wide Web has billions of web pages,
at least some ninety-nine percent of all pages are unseen.
Ninety-nine of one hundred pages do not make top 50's.
It would appear mathematically impossible for one webmaster to do thus:
Hundreds of great, utilitarian keyphrases and even a few keywords,
these are hyperdominant legacies of the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Whatever you wish to enjoy hyperdominance in, pursue it.
Magically? Just do it a thousand times with one rule.
Regardless of outcome, add one percent effort.
Every effort, add one percent more effort.
You rapidly develop magic in approximately everything you touch.
Please engage your own hyperdominance to pass on to the world.


Hyperdominance With The Psychology of Shortcuts

Get more from yourself and the assets you have access to,
and considerably more so, with the Psychology of Shortcuts.

Every day you waste is filled with minutes - opportunities - you cannot get back.
No demand for you to utterly eliminate small talk, only that you reasonably reduce it.
Take the time to stop every single day to enumerate clearly the top five items of the day.
Stop forming opinions. Most of them have proved useless to you. Process information carefully.
Trading just one of every ten petty chatty minutes for a minute of your best thinking gives you profit.
The only opinions you can benefit from are the opinions of those who have repeatedly done it successfully.
The Psychology of Shortcuts can be YOUR ultimate in self-empowerment, with The Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
shortcuts prove to be the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and, without much licit refutation, YOUR great shortcuts to succeeding. That's why the Psychology of Shortcuts is here for your life


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It's a nearly-autonomous instinct for those subscribing to Psychology of Shortcuts principles, because it pays off hugely.

When you click this food button and the one that pops open, a starving human gets fed, at no charge to you.
What sweeter function can the Psychology of Shortcuts provide?   You become MY hero, my heroine ...

Find and build the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity within you. You're worth it.
When you duplicate the efforts of your yesterday, you must expect the same or similar results, yes?

By increasing your efforts even one miniscule percent, you will find the mastery awaiting your call.

That one percent, added up for a hundred days, and even unto a thousand and more days of improvement,
will elicit the best of the Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts already within you.

While selling hyperdominance.com is a primary goal here, and many other premium domain names,
sharing the greatest shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires merits time.
Everyone is born with at least one or more fantastic potential points. .. literally everyone on earth

So, before addressing the premium domains, and why having a premium domain is so awesome,
let us first use the time to remind you of just a pair of exquisitely powerful shortcuts of success.
1) It is still the fastest, most powerful shortcut you'll ever meet: Imitate who does it best of all.
2) You cannot learn less about anything. Keep your focus narrow, on what you will be best at.
3) Every human endeavor has masters. Each and everyone finds AND develops big shortcuts.

You will not, to the best of our knowledge, find any significant exceptions to these regulata.
The rules are the rules. Whoever follows them most, and most often, tends to win the most.

Here are some of the websites created by MisterShortcut for YOU to empower yourself with.
These are not opinions of MisterShortcut: Credit goes to people considerably smarter, hm?

Identifying and imitating masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires. That simple.
It remains the single greatest shortcut of success that any of us are ever likely to meet in life.
Grab any shortcut that appeals to your inclination, your instinct. Practice it many many times.

Even 3 new facts per day are enough to make you a genius faster than you may now recognize.
In 100 days, you have 300 new facts.  Your MD does not know 300 things about your issue. True?
In 300 days, and 1,000, those 3 new facts per day, always recited before you go to sleep, are the alpha.
They warrant that you will be knowledgeable to level of being "world-class." This is an axiom of your life.
If you knew better, you'd do better. Until then, first identify and imitate the people doing it better than you are.
Enjoy learning from the Psychology of Shortcuts, in pursuit of YOUR hyperdominance in the field of your choice.


A handful of the Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts

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More Shapetalk from, who else? ...
YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts Shapetalker,
the Godfather of EyeCandy and Shortcuts

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Success-Shortcuts.com   In view of most every worthwhile endeavor having success shortcuts ...

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Allow today to count among the most exciting and self-empowering days of your life.
The Psychology of Shortcuts is vast; far greater, in fact, than one human could read.

Extra-beautiful: You need not study progressively. Jump in anywhere you wish!
The Psychology of Shortcuts is more concurrent than consecutive, so to speak.
From megatruths and boostables, to mentalisms and shapetalk, jump on in...
These sites, hand-crafted by MisterShortcut, are rich with the greatest shortcuts.
Who shows it best proves they know it best: Great masters, millionaires, champions.

You cannot learn less about anything!
Learn more, for Y O U to live more,
imitating the greatest among us.

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How-To-Succeed.com    Shortcuts.website


- Wisdom-rich Shapetalks collection. EyeCandy bits of PowerGems that give foundation to the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity


Psychology of Shortcuts On One Hundred Percent Methods

The Psychology of Shortcuts Accepts One Hundred Percent Or Nearly So.
Of course, there IS always some chance that you know more than billionaires.
The Psychology of Shortcuts does not operate on chances or hopeful guesses.
The basis of the Psychology of Shortcuts is the universality of shortcuts.
With all that it took to bring you to this time, place, moment in your life,
you are urged with the greatest imaginable enthusiasm of discourse
to please, to instantly, and forevermore, raise the quality of thought.

Whatever you think most about, you're moving closer towards.
When you can just learn this one master secret of the universe,
wealth will quickly open itself to you easily, and for your life.

"For your life" has more than two meanings. Count them!
When you know in advance how to move to something,
you get to control your thoughts in advance of events,
which means you obtain control of your destination.
Destination is manifestation of your own destiny.
You control the outcome by controlling income.
Income can be thought, fact, or cold money.
Think bigger, and think better, on purpose.
Place your mind where you wish to be.
Do it more than anyone else does,
do it more than YOU have done,
and you will arrive at wealth.
.. at the Psychology of Shortcuts …
of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.
Until you show it better, how can you know it much better?
Follow those who repeatedly do it the best, then add your flavor.
Until you have done something one hundred times, why opine?
Your words triple in value when you speak from experience.
The more successful that experience, and more repeated,
the more likely we will wish to grow up to be like you.
Words triple in value when experience drives them
Heed those who do, then add your perspectives.
You know that recipes work. Use a PowerGem:
Ask more people and ask each more times.
1000 repetitions will yield you your wealth.
100 times merely doubles your results.
You know better than billionaires do?
Shhh. Less talking, & more doing.
Those who do it, know, & teach.

Look for one hundred percent
Hyperdominance is by intent.

Master secrets in Shapetalk:
They DO occur in multiples


More Shortcuts and Shapetalk From The Psychology of Shortcuts

Shapetalk.info - Shortcuts wrapped up in Shapetalk prove to be master secrets of the universe. Presented by the Godfather of Shapetalk, Mister-Shortcut
Shapetalk.net - Third in the Shapetalk websites series. Study the master secrets of the universe by living your own perception of the Psychology of Shortcuts
Shapetalker.info - Crafting wisdom into discrete, wise lines of Shapetalk EyeCandy, the Psychology of Shortcuts Shapetalker helps learning wisdom to be fun
Shapetalk.com - 1st site to introduce an entire website of Shapetalk Shortcuts - core wisdom of the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity


Incorporating Shapetalking into easily-grasped concepts, the Godfather of EyeCandy offers master secrets, ala Psychology of Shortcuts

When you determine in advance to be at least one of the leaders of your generation, make sure you learn from the horse's mouth.
Those people whom you most admire are, more often than not, among the greatest imaginable tutors for your rise into excellence.

Learn to bring SUBTLE gifts, all-caps clearly intended for useful cause, hm? Subtle gifts are unannounced, often more influential.

They're not so much for the purpose of so-called 'brownie points' as for ingratiation of a more pragmatic purpose: Mutual gain.
Not everyone is suited to hyperdominance, it's reserved for those who revel in the pleasured thrill of hunting hyperdominance.
Being at the proverbial 'top of the heap' has severely limited value to anyone not pursuing the gleam of a publicized limelight.
Thus, subtle gifts can include anything that either enhances, or buffers, your mentor's penchant for publicity (or appreciable lack of it).
'Subtle gifts' doesn't mean expensive baubles, submitted to fawn and ingratiate in a manner not particularly affiliated w/ notions of 'class.'
The quiet, unassuming gift of a tasty morsel, shared in an unassuming moment, or the promotion of a charity on a broadcast you're included in.
Quiet gifts that are shared for the sake of a personally shared moment of pleasure, so there is an attachment in mind of the two of you. It's that simple.

SIMPLE: Sitting in chairs, feet up on the desks, sharing cigars with a man who loved a good cigar.

One action: Bringing a pair of special stogies, lit in a moment everyone else had finished for the day.
Since he owned the building, it didn't seem likely there'd be an issue about smoking & regulations.
That special pair of cigars, costing less than $10, opened up dozens of previously invisible doors.
We'd been working throughout the afternoon, no mention of the treat was made in advance.

Once his A.A. had left the office for the evening, there was just a minute of quiet respite.
It was so quiet and peaceful that it simply made sense to pull out the pair of cigars.
Placing one on the desk between us, closer to him, clearly offering it out to him,
while leaning back to light the other one, with neither his invite nor consent,
plumes of delicious, tart smoke pillowing & billowing around us, rapidly,
with a schoolboy naughtiness: He grasped my theatricality-by-intent,
quickly joined into the spirit, carefully putting feet up on the desk.

It led to sharing of information, introduction to a dozen very special humans,
effectively giving birth to a frankly happifying range of beneficial developments.

Those two cigars had been sitting in coat pocket for nearly a month, waiting, just waiting.
The subtle gift is one that promotes hyperdominance, by helping to place you appropriately.

In EVERY one of your relationships, you can find opportunities to share or simply dispense subtle gifts.
Mother, brother, daughter, or boss, cop masseuse or to whom you must report a loss: EVERY relationship.

When you build valuable relationships, of parent, employee, boss or partner, et alia, you get to win on purpose.
Not by being a know-it-all, instead, by shutting up and giving more, OF YOURSELF, to benefit you AND they as well.
The subtler the gift, the quieter & more 'on-ramp blending' you use to share that gift, the greater the rewards tend to be.
Restated SUMMARY: You are surrounded by people who have proven their expertise at catching you doing something wrong...
... and making a big deal out of it.

By YOU catching people in the act of doing something right, and making a big deal out of it, you leave your competition in the dust.

Some folks wish to be built up in the eyes of others, some people prefer a more inward version of recognition.
The difference between the two of these can be described by Psychology of Shortcuts as being subtle... or unsubtle.
Bringing to people the value THEY wish for, rather than what you might wish for, you encourage influential connections.
By doing this quietly, rather than with fanfare, you show respect for their inner personality, and they usually LOVE you for it.
Look at today's date: So unique, it will never happen again, at least not in your lifetime. Does this not increase its value to YOU?
Be generous, catch people doing something right and making just a big a deal of it as most do in the opposite direction.   Be subtle.

Psychology of Shortcuts-style hyperdominance is predominantly a choice, a choice of shortcuts, of master secrets.


Shapetalk and Shortcuts, mostly from the Psychology of Shortcuts, and to a lesser degree,
are intended to achieve more than merely impressing you, pleasing you, engaging you to fill in all the colors of a page,
reaching instead to have you look inside the Shapetalk to find the shortcuts, what you will find to be great shortcuts.


The Psychology of Shortcuts shares the most proven success shortcuts of all time

As for those who advise you that your success is unlikely, or out of your reasonable reach, please tune them out.
Those who say it cannot be done, according to Henry Ford, should stop interrupting those of us who are doing it.
You ARE the Psychology of Shortcuts, because the Psychology of Shortcuts has long been alive and well in you.

Today is the single best day in which to prove that you are not a mediocre cipher, as most of us prove to be.
Today is one day in which you can put your best foot forward, and invest one percent more of an effort, hm?

Doing so 100 days in a row is quite possibly the fastest road ever known to reliably, repeatedly, gain mastery.
No one has ever become excellent by accident in life, and neither will you, which should be your bellwhether.
If you are doing one percent more today, if you are doing it one percent faster today, you are in a winning state.
This alone, this tremendous master secret of the universe, is here for you to bring the very best in you... out of you.
Let today be at least one percent better AS A DIRECT RESULT OF YOUR DETERMINATION THAT THIS SHALL BE SO.
The best success shortcuts may even have been known to you as a child. Search your memory, and see what you find.
Above and beyond everything that accelerates success, imitate the people routinely doing it better than you have been.
This is a core and comfort of the Psychology of Shortcuts, and, not coincidentally, the Psychology of Longevity near as much.


Fifty-Eight Shades Of YOU    -     Silently Customize Your Psychology of Shortcuts

If you were offered one thousand dollars in cash for each of your skills, things you do well, which means you enjoy doing it,
how many thousands would you earn, given, for example, a twenty-four time period in which to create a list of your skills?

Like most people, your list shows at least fifty-eight skills, fair enough to say?
Here is where you use the power of mathematics to multiply your fine results.
Your fifty-eight best skills, and any PowerGems of the Psychology of Shortcuts,
affect enough facets of your life that you use these shortcuts with, to help you know:
Every single facet of your life that you touch these shortcuts to becomes a sharper facet.
Use any one of those skills, today, and find something in it that you are not doing perfectly.
As long as you are able to improve by one percent, the Psychology of Shortcuts works for you.
Build on it, and let's see what's what in, oh, let's say the next one hundred days. Is that agreeable?
World-class mastery does not require the mind of a rocket scientist, because hunger trumps everything else.
If you only find fifty-eight superlative shortcuts at the Psychology of Shortcuts, is that not enough shortcuts for you?
The point is that the Psychology of Shortcuts is already inside of you, in the guise of your child persona, if you understand.
Think of Transactional Analysis, capitalized in respect, where we only think and speak as children, parents, or adults, at all times.
There will always be a child alive within you, the parts that did not develop fully with the rest of your personality and experience.
The Psychology of Shortcuts assures you that you will be stunned if you were to teach yourself to spend time with that child.
How is it that everyone has an opinion even with nearly zero knowledge, zero personal experience under the opinion?
Tony Robbins shared the idea that opinions are like table tops, requiring the legs of experience to make them stand.
Too many of your table tops are all top and no legs. The Psychology of Shortcuts is a way to modify this greatly.
The more you embrace your Psychology of Shortcuts, the more your Psychology of Shortcuts embraces you.
One way that the Psychology of Shortcuts proves your creative intelligence is with pen and a paper clip.
Please write down, within the next 100 hours, 100 uses of a paper clip. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty.
Your brain is a muscle that gets far too little exercise. Like any other muscle, exercise makes it stronger.
As of now, no more excuses for not knowing how to exercise your brain with intent of making it stronger.
With only one idea per hour, you should either breeze past 100 ideas, or list 100 uses long before 100 hours.
At the core of the Psychology of Shortcuts is the aim of awakening your own internal Psychology of Shortcuts.
There is Shapetalk inside of you, as surely as there is a Psychology of Shortcuts (mostly sleeping) inside of you.
If you are smart enough to use recipes to cook tasty dishes, if you are smart enough to plan a wedding in writing,
then the Psychology of Shortcuts needs to know why you think that planning your life in writing is less potent for you.
Fifty-eight shades of you, one hundred shades of you, there is Shapetalk, poetry, shortcuts, action and excellence in you.



With life moving past you at 1,440 minutes, EVERY DAY,
When might we awaken YOUR inner giant?

The ease and simplicity of the Psychology of Shortcuts, and most shortcuts,
will work in your favor every day that you work these shortcuts in your favor.

What you know, including what you only think you know, plays second fiddle to what you do with what you know.
You think & claim that you understand this. Today, let's prove you understand by SHOWING that you understand.
You are invited to prove you are smarter than many might think with a Psychology of Shortcuts secret trick.
The single set of exercises involved with writing out 100 uses for a paper clip increases your intelligence.
The exercises involved with writing out 100 uses for a paper clip increases your creative intelligence,
your PROBLEM-SOLVING skills. The capabilities are already within you, awaiting your command.
Since capability exists, it is repeated exercise of the skill that makes you smarter and smarter.
For example, let us pretend that you are smart enough to do this weekly, for a month or so.
By the time you've found 100 uses for five different items, or even the paper clip, if you wish,
your brain will be so much better at problem-solving, at producing innovative, creative solutions,
you will wonder why the Psychology of Shortcuts is not taught to every schoolchild across the world.
Go ahead and dare to get smarter, on purpose! Since it costs you no more than otherwise wasted time...
For the Psychology of Shortcuts to succeed, you need to succeed at it, so, speak a bit less and do a bit more.
What you know, including what you only think you know, plays second fiddle to what you do with what you know.


Is there something about increasing your intelligence,
repeatedly increasing your creative intelligence,
that is less than something desirable to you?
Wake up! No one else is doing it for you.
"If it is to be, then it is up to me"


Pen and paper, please...


              ... and a paper clip

hyperdominance art face





Eyecandy can be sooooO000Ooooo much fun!

Psychology of Shortcuts Supports TheHungerSite Feeding
The desire to feed starving people, to eliminate global hunger...
that was the water that fed the seedling of the Psychology of Shortcuts of Masters and Millionaires.

Learn more to earn more; learn more to live more and give more.

Please help MrShortcut erase worldwide starvation by clicking on the food buttons.
Fair trade for a priceless set of services for you, hm?   What goes around ...

Welcome to the largest free self-help website in the world, all free for your life.


Learn more in order to live more, at the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Built with armfuls of love for you by The Godfather of EyeCandy, for you.

Learn from masters and millionaires, the best Psychology of Shortcuts,
and without a doubt YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.     Enjoy. It's all free for your life.



Psychology of Shortcuts Poem
Shortcuts and Shapetalk, all in a row,
PowerGems and Shapetalk, putting on a show.
The best of all your PowerGems, wisdom that works,
is where the Shapetalk guides us, to EyeCandy perqs.
The best of shortcuts, and the best of cute Shapetalk,
are all equally designed to help you best walk YOUR walk.
The PowerGems inside of you, the Shapetalk you've not uttered,
may be the most potent reasons, your performance is in the gutter.
It's not that you are stupid, we hope, for look how well you usually cope,
if shortcuts are a lifeline rope, together we can prove that you are no dope.
The less you speak as the more you do, the more we will know your claims are true.
Psychology of Shortcuts regulata are the shortcuts of masters, millionaires... and you.
Engage your shortcuts!
in Shapetalk EyeCandy style,
better inform your use of time,
more wisely pass your own while.
Petty chatter is no less than a theft,
of your truly most precious possessions,
what remains of your millions of seconds.
PowerGem & Shapetalk your way to success.
Too much dirt in chatter, precluding PowerGems.
When you clean your minutes, they produce wealth.
Recognize how much power awaits, within you, today.
Even the tiniest use of your many great powers, repeated,
yields results better than that of most around you, combined.
If I ask ten people 10x each, while you ask a thousand, you win.
If you knew a better secret of financial affluence, you'd be using it.
Asking more people more times each is your wealthiest PowerGem.
There is no known wealth shortcut more potent, or faster, than asking.
If you need to give ten reasons, if you have to ask ten times, ask away.
90% of all the yesses you hear from birth to death are after the 6th "ask."
Praise and agree with objections, then convert them, into their solutions.

Serve your Psychology of Shortcuts, as your Psychology of Shortcuts serves you.
Hyperdominance is a key feature of the Psychology of Shortcuts. It's inside of you.

Do not die with your music unsung, don't allow your hyperdominance to wither. Bring it!


Since the Psychology of Longevity is, naturally, already a part of you,
embrace the secrets of the Psychology of Longevity as a part of your daily life.
Breathe deeply, not in shallow spurts. Drink enough water. Stretch several times per day.


If you like, use trial & error to find your own way. Conversely, you can seek the winning trend.
Trial and error takes longer, boosts the ego, while riding the winning trend pays off far more often.
While the former may be more personalized, more intimate, the latter can be more so, with diligence.
To follow the trends towards hyperdominance, we remember to imitate the people who are doing it best.
Most of what you find within the Psychology of Longevity is well worth repeating. Here's a great example.
Until you have mastered your corner of interest, researching at the Psychology of Longevity and beyond,
ALWAYS consult with your primary health care provider before making any changes in medication.
Until you master at least one hundred new facts about what ails you, consult with professionals.
Pharmaceuticals are so dangerous they sometimes cause problems if you stop taking them.
Any physician who reaches for Rx drugs before natural answers cannot be a top doctor.
Always consult WITH a trusted primary health care provider: you must participate!
If you leave your most important health decisions to others, you may well lose.
Allowing others to decide your greatest decisions is the height of stupidity.
Other people cannot be expected to care more for you than for money.
This is a sad and unchanging fact of life. Your life is no exception.
Learning more, you participate intelligently in health decisions.
Learn about what ails you in pursuit of achieving its defeat.
Learning just one hundred facts, your mastery develops.
You can find natural answers to every health challenge.
Every health challenge has 'natural healing' answers.
If you knew better, you would do so much better.

Give attention to those who have, & still do,
living stronger longer, doing it naturally.

Such is your Psychology of Longevity:
Hyperdominance matters everywhere.

Health Index - Psychology of Longevity

Wealth Index For the Psychology of Shortcuts

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Hyperdominance secrets, not coincidentally those of masters and millionaires.
Do not be surprised that champions and billionaires engage hyperdominance likewise.
Some of the basics in life do not change, even as centuries of development come and go.
Hyperdominance is not given to happening by accident, so let's bring out YOUR hyperdominance.
Choosing most any paragraph within your Psychology of Shortcuts, start with any PowerGem.
Use that shortcuts, or even two or more shortcuts used simultaneously, and repeat.
PowerGems are universal shortcuts, so they help produce YOUR hyperdominance.


Hyperdominance Continued

To highlight previous comments about saving thousands of dollars in building a dominant search engine position leading to hyperdominance:

1) Backlinks from other sites. The more sites recommend you, the more respect the search engine gives your site.

2) Build more sites, each one unique, because mirror sites are a search engine no-no. Provide your own backlinks!

3) RELEVANCY. Whatever your hidden metatags promise, which is what the search engine displays for you, deliver it.

4) Whatever subject you wish to be highly ranked for, be sure you make use of those keyphrases about 3 to 7% of the time.

5) Most SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firms recommend 250 to 500 words on your subject. Try 1,000+ words. (Psychology of Shortcuts often uses 5,000+)

You can get dozens of domains, plus redundant, backup hosting space(s) for a year or two, for as little as $2k.     Hustle, & you'll find ways to do it for less
The work portion is less than 100 man-hours for a skilled worker, perhaps twice that for someone less skilled. Even fifteen minutes per day adds up QUICKLY.

It gets easier when you simply look up your competition and imitate their better styles. That's most of it. Walk, then run, right? This method WORKS.

Hyperdominance is achieved when you give the search engines GOOD REASON to make your site(s) hyperdominant. Relevancy, content, keyword concentration?
Stick to the basics, and allow the basics to serve you and your interests, alongside those of your visitors... Just do so more than others do: A Master Secret.

Ask anyone who achieves hyperdominance in their arena of choice. You will hear them offer similar guidance no matter WHAT arenas they're conquering.
Ultimately, hyperdominance is considerably more of a choice than merely a chance. Who do YOU know who's excelled ... by accident?  We know of none.


How Much More Time?

The Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity remind you that time is running out.
Every day, hour, & minute brings us that much closer to the final do-si-do we all dance. Get moving.

Excellence cannot be performed accidentally, certainly not more than once in a row, so to speak.
Neither can hyperdominance be achieved accidently. If you stay atop the search engines, you earned it.

If you arrogate from your competition, give them credit, or significantly enrich it, editing and adding to it.
The alternative is not worth the aggravation, financial or otherwise, so, we are wiser to give thanks where due.

As surely as you do not wish to see others arrogating your work, do unto others is one way to apprehend integrity.
A wise man said that integrity is doing the right thing ... even when no one's looking.
  It's also proven to be more profitable, as you'll no doubt learn with repetition. 


MisterShortcut is pleased to present you with universal shortcuts for YOUR total winning.
Breaking and often shattering hundreds and hundreds of world records gets easier with practice.
When we imitate actions and attitudes of those repeatedly doing best, we tend to imitate their results.
Shapetalk and Shapetalking to Shapetalks and Shapelinks.com, all to help you reach YOUR ultimate score.


Hyperdominance Shortcuts From Within Your Psychology of Shortcuts

Hyperdominance shortcuts at the Psychology of Shortcuts,
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Why would you live in a toxifying cloud, of sugar and flour and all that is foul?
The best of hyperdominance shortcuts, for all that they prove, are hyperdominant in nature...

...so that YOUR bottom line will move.

The hyperdominance shortcuts of those who do and know, better than the rest, when they come and when they go.
Hyperdominance shortcuts of what you could have should have, hyperdominantly come down, to what you really would have.
The Psychology of Shortcuts shares the secrets of life, the hyperdominance shortcuts that reduce most of your strife.
Hyperdominance shortcuts often light up the path, when you USE your hyperdominance shortcuts, everything gets rad.
Better and better does your life progress, when hyperdominance shortcuts are your prime form of address.
Addressing your issues with shortcuts or not, will determine your outcomes, be they cold or hot.
Utilize your hyperdominance, secrets and shortcuts, the words that accelerate you before and after,
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The Psychology of Shortcuts, the world's best source of effective hyperdominance shortcuts.



The Psychology of Shortcuts Delivers Universal Shortcuts

Hyperdominance shortcuts from within your Psychology of Shortcuts,
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Won't you or will you embrace hyperdominant shortcuts,
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Might you, also, smash that hyperdominance wall?

Hyperdominance shortcuts produce more hyperdominance shortcuts,
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Great hyperdominance shortcuts of champions and winners,
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Why would you live in an UNHEALTHY cloud, of flour and more far too foul?
The best of hyperdominance shortcuts, can help keep you from throwing in the towel,
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Effective hyperdominance shortcuts of those who know and do,
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When you know your own Psychology of Shortcuts, those around you will see the hyperdominant value in YOUR shortcuts.
Hyperdominance shortcuts of what you could have should have, hyperdominantly devolve, to what you actually would have.
The Psychology of Shortcuts efficiently shares the secrets of life, the hyperdominance shortcuts that reduce most of your strife.
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Better and better does your life progress, when hyperdominance shortcuts are your prime form of address.
Addressing your issues with shortcuts or not, will determine your outcomes, be they cold or hot.
Utilize your hyperdominance: shortcuts & secrets, the terms that accelerate you before and after,
you will find that hyperdominant shortcuts can prove, to be the cause of your greatest laughter.
Psychology of Shortcuts, the earth's best source of efficacious hyperdominance shortcuts.

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You have millions of unique pages from the Psychology of Shortcuts, and related sites.
Millions of Life Of Living Naturally self-health web pages to help you help yourself.
The time, in this day, hour, and moment, is nigh for you to accept responsibility.
Until now, you have only pretended at willingness to accept responsibility.
You are the captain of the ship, the produce of the movie, ad infinitum.
It all means that you are the one in control of destinations on the way.
It is true that you have but little control in re your final destination.
Not so the many subsidiary destinations along your life course.
You decide the destinations, or whether to have destinations.
In that case, Life, and those who have their goals in writing,
these will determine most of the course of your lifetime...
and, of course, definitively control your destination.
When you stop pretending that you know better,
your brain opens up to those one-percent-ers,
improvements of just one percent each.
The Psychology of Shortcuts, now,
pursuing YOUR destinations.

If you recognize that the residents of our planet not to treat each other very well,
then you have sufficient awareness of your surroundings to make a huge difference.
Selfish benefit is your best reason for helping the helpless.
If you think that you can save lives every day for thousands of days, or even hundreds of days...
without having the universe generously repaying you, then you still don't know Newton's Law.

How sweet it is: Reduce starvation, and more, with FREE CLICKS. Sponsors pay for each click - Wow!
What goes up, must come down, what goes around comes around. Help the helpless, to see the action.
When you save lives, you can be ENTIRELY confident that the universe will repay you, & generously.

A handful of hyperdominance here, a bit of hyperdominance there,
before you realize it, you enjoy hyperdominance most everywhere.

Whatever you have to repeat in life, odds are, you'll repeat it for many years.
Why in the world would anyone resist the master secrets that engender success?

Doing it one percent better with every repetition is one mighty master secret.
We urge you adopt at least this one adage, asseverated to be among your best.
The Psychology of Shortcuts warrants this is one way to Your hyperdominance.


Not Quite Finished W/ Shapelinks and Shortcuts - The more we learn, the more we earn, true?



Hyperdominance Means When The Fat Lady Sings

Psychology of Longevity: (Actually, she's not fat, fat is what collects on the inside of your arteries, doesn't change body shape).
What we REALLY see is thousands and thousands of decisions to put NON-food into the body, causing it to expaaaaaaand.

Nevertheless, "... when the fat lady sings" is meant to convey, "at the end of the evening," so, too, hyperdominance.
When other people are sleeping, those who would pursue hyperdominance are just moving into their better gears.

If your competition seems far ahead of you, break it down, using small steps which combine to make big steps.

Simplify, and take an action YOU identify as successful, many times per hour or day. Yes, it's that simple.


Welcome to YOUR hyperdominance corner, found within YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts Hyperdominance Group,
designed to help empower you to empower yourself while serving search engine optimization requirements.

Succeeding faster is about as difficult or as easy as you make it to be, based on your choice & level of focus.
If we accept Earl Nightingale's raspy assurances that we have a tendency to become what we think about,
that humans can only move in one direction, that being WHATEVER is being most heavily focused upon,
then you need to understand how vast is the power within you when you focus with your best energy.


The better YOU become, the more likely you'll repay the Psychology of Shortcuts by acting right,
helping the helpless, because as long as there is human greed, you will find helpless creatures.
It is an unpleasant, and nonetheless great truth of life that's never changed with the generations.
What's sweet about it is that such suffering is pure opportunity for any seeking to succeed greatly.
A feature common to big religions is that judgement is based on how you treat the least among you.
The Psychology of Shortcuts, however, reminds you only that your actions come back to you, multiplied.

Whatever else you glean, the Psychology of Shortcuts assures you with certitude: it's a hyperdominant shortcut.
The more you give, the more you get. Be greedy & selfish by giving more & more. Live your Psychology of Shortcuts.



Hyperdominance By The Handful.
Hyperdominance appears to be more of a choice than merely a chance.
Accepting that imitation of masters and champions is a master secret,
anyone can, at most any time, engage THEIR secrets of hyperdominance.

Since we cannot learn less about anything, learning hyperdominance from those who are "hyperdominating,"
(regarding search engine optimization) still seems to be the wisest and fastest of various shortcuts.
Imitating the attitudes and actions of hyperdominance is not quite "faking it until you make it."
Instead, it's more like replication of the best recipes you find that keep proving to work, hm?
Your best performances are still ahead of you, within you. Reach inside to bring them out.
What you focus on the most is quite assuredly what you are going to move towards most.
Embracing the pursuit of hyperdominance is where we expect you will find hyperdominance.